Formed in 2015 by founding members Aaron Davis and Jordan Cielen, Awaiting the Answer is a five-piece metal band from Winnipeg, MB, Canada looking to push the envelope and bring together their different backgrounds to form their own flavor of metal. The group’s main goal is setting out to do something different in the music scene. Their songs are characterized by catchy melodies, heavy hitting riffs and a wide range of vocals from soft and gentle to driving and energetic!

After writing their first song (which would become No Innocence), Aaron and Jordan decided to seek out other musicians to help fill out their sound. Dave McDougall was found shortly after to cover lead vocals, but it was decided to search for another guitarist so Dave could really push his vocals in each song. Kevin Toporowsky was recruited and the band began to write while still searching for a bass player. After a long search, Mike Smalley was finally found and the group would enter the studio to record a five track self-titled EP.

Since then they have been very active members of the Manitoba music scene and have no plans of stopping! In the few short years the band has been together they shared the stage with amazing artists like Mandroid Echostar, Everygrey, and Hawthorn Heights. The group is currently working towards recording their second EP in 2018 and recently released their single “Essence of Sorrow” which is available on all major streaming services. Be sure to follow them on social media for updates on upcoming shows and exciting new announcements!